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Hello! Welcome to my page!

My name is Elena Kokkonen. I was born and raised in Leningrad. For the last 10 years I've lived in Helsinki, Finland.

I've always loved art and especially drawing. It became my profession. I graduated from a well known Leningrad School of Industrial Arts named after V.I. Muckhina. It was renamed to Sankt Petersburg Academy of Industrial Art and Design. I've worked as a designer for more 20 years and have gained valuable experience in this field. For many years I've been working as a graphic designer in publishing industry.

My work included corporate identity, magazines, books, advertising, packaging, labels and much, much more. I also illustrated several children books.

I've always liked to do things with my own hands. Perhaps because that's what I did for many years when I worked as general art designer for children's puppet theater. When working on a new show, among my many responsibilities were sawing costumes, making puppets and marionetes, making and setting up decorations and props, advertising and a lot more. Besides, I was teaching kids to draw and to make some attributes by their own hands which would help to develop in children imagination and improve their creativity.

Recently I learned and became fond of fleece felting, dry and wet felting. I used to make wool toys, and now I make scarves. I love doing this. It is very creative process. I made quite a few different scarves and decided to share them with the public on this site.

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